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Group 6:

Thornycroft Works Photographic

Department Pictures from the 1930's

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Amazon: Introduced in 1933 the Amazon was a medium weight 6x4 with an auxiliary gearbox. During WWII  they were  fitted with a Coles 3 ton crane and were used by the Navy and the RAF
Railway Vehicles:The Railway Companies were big users of Thornycroft vehicles from the early days of steam. These above are "Handy BE" model. The sliding doors were specified for use on tight loading bays. 
Municipal: Above Waste paper recycling van for Reigate

Municipal: Dandy on small wheels for Southampton


Above Strenuous for Borough of Torquay

Tartar:  Introduced in 1933, these were built as  f/c and n/c chassis and were fitted with a range of engines. The two above are civilian versions. The military n/c version below was developed as a gun tractor and fitted with a large winch. The three below them are of a lighter general service 6X4 version.                                                                            
Artics:A range of artics were introduced in 1933 to cater for 4,5,6 and 10 ton payloads. The one above right is badged "Dandy".
Buses: Bus production had all but ceased by 1936. The chassis above appears to be for a low height bus body. The one on the left is a "Lightning" luxury 20 seater with SC6 engine.
Trusty: The Trusty was introduced in 1934 and the name continued to be used up to 1961. The models above are the PE for up to 8 ton payloads at 12 tons GVW. 2 wheelbase and 6 engine options were offered.
Misc: Model names were introduced during the 30's and during this time there were no fewer than 40 models quoted. l to r Steadfast, Manly, Handy, Speedy.
Most of these pictures in the three rows below are not identifiable by means of grille badges or other obvious features.Where possible we have suggested which model they might be. If you think otherwise we would be very pleased to hear from you.


         Handy                             Strenuous              Demonstrator           






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