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Group A -Models  A1 and A2

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The A1was rated at 30 cwt and the A2 at 2 tons The A1/A2 was the first Thornycroft to be available with the engine and gearbox as one unit.
The A1 was introduced in 1924. Pneumatic tyres and front brakes were an optional extra. Long wheelbase versions were introduced to cater for the bus market. These were popular with the railway coys and there was a large fleet in the Isle of Man introduced in 1928.

This group demonstrates the range of body styles available from the Factory in about 1930. These  integral bodied vans shown below and all models in this range were available with a War Office Subsidy of 120.


Van bodied chassis cabs
Livestock Transport: These first 4 views are of what appear to be a thoroughbred horse transporter. A later development used  a lower and more powerful chassis and was sold to the Southern Railway co.

The middle 3 appear to be standard A1/A2 van bodywork with large doors and a ramp.

The last two show what appears to be a detachable top and ramps possibly for sheep carrying.

Tilt bodies: Some simple some quite elaborate.
Angus Watson must have been a good customer


Tippers and a Tanker
Flats and dropsiders
 One Left Hand Drive and one positively identified as 1929
A1/A2s were also available in a forward control version which was popular with the railway coys







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