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Thornycroft Group B  Artics

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 The first Articulated vehicle was a steamer and Thornycrofts offered such models in the '20s and '30s, but there was not much demand until the 50's when most of the then current range was offered  in an articulated version.  

These J type artics were registered in about 1926. Melias took delivery of a number of smaller 2 axled vehicles.
These two look like A3s and in spite of the frame stiffening look a bit lightweight for an artic chassis.
By the middle '30s the models were looking more workmanlike and a range of payloads was covered up to 10 tons.
These XB's are out of a batch of 12 produced for the Iraqi Petroleum Co in 1932 for the construction of a pipeline and had WB6 petrol engines fitted. The Antar was developed for the IPC in the '50s.
The Amazon was very similar to the XB but these appear to have the front axle set farther back and to be on larger tyres than those above






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