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Group J-Various early '30s 2 axle vehicles

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The goods range in 1928 consisted of only a few basic  models but by 1931 this had risen to over 20. The previous practice of using letters and numbers had given way to model names and these became very confusing and the way in which they were applied was at times arbitrary.
All 12 above Beautys
Dandy   BC  
                                             4 Handys
        The J type introduced in 1913 gave way to the JJ, a heavy duty chassis on 10 stud wheels in 1928. These 6 rows below are all believed to be JJ types although the rear axles differ slightly and the weights vary.
The 8 below are JJ forward control
Lightning  bus chassis used for horse transport Steadfast
Strenuous on 10 stud wheels also used as drawbar






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