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Group N-"Q", "W","J","X", Types

and Indian Order

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 The "Q" Type was introduced in 1914 as a heavier version of the J Type. By the early '20s it was rated at 5 tons
  SPD Ltd Ch No 11339    
The "W" type was introduced in 1922 as a forward control version of the "Q" type, with a payload capacity of 6 tons. It was not popular and was discontinued a year later.
J Types below
X types below
At no 6743      






   India Order:- In 1916-18 Thornycrofts supplied a batch of 100 X types to India. These below were supplied in 1926 to His Highness the Maharajah of Mysore and include X,Q and J Types. The contract was administered by Rendell Palmer and Tritton 





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